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At wholesale Squad we offer a huge selection of products at competitive prices.

  • B2B Client – Need help meeting your budget? select from our wholesale catalogue to buy and save money.

  • Amazon FBA or eBay Re-seller – Our prices are at least 30% lower than RRP, therefore our customers have the opportunity to Buy – Sell – Profit.

What is Amazon FBA?

  • Amazon FBA is Fulfilment by Amazon, a service which allows businesses to outsource order fulfilment to Amazon – You send your products into Amazon’s fulfilment centres and then they pick, pack, ship and provide customer service for your sold products.

Is Amazon FBA Worth It?

  • Selling on Amazon is a great way to start a successful business, it has a massive customer base with a streamlined platform for selling products.

  • With Amazons vast reach and good reputation for customer convenience - you have access to a large audience and able to increase sales without marketing.

  • Amazon FBA allows anyone to start a flexible business

  • You choose the hours you work and the amount your comfortable investing - You are 100% in control

  • The more you invest the more profit you make back

Amazon FBA with Wholesale Squad

  • We have a huge selection of products sold at outlet prices, which are selling on Amazon for 40% more allowing our customers to make a good respectable margin.

  • Wholesale Squad provides you assistance in setting up an Amazon FBA account

  • We provide Brand Approval (fee applies)

  • We provide on-going support to our Wholesale Customers

  • With our free consultation we can provide you with in-depth product analysis on fast selling, popular & profitable products - saving you time and effort, so you can focus on selling and making more money!
  • We also provide a fulfilment service to our Wholesale customers - we can pack and send your orders to Amazon fulfilment centres, so you don’t have to (fee applies).

  • If your interested – please contact us for a 30min consultation, where one of our sales team can assist you better. 30mins could change your life for the better 


  • From our 10-years experience - We can show you how to set up and run your Amazon FBA business - with on going support to minimise problems and risk 

  • We provide analysis on popular and profitable products so your business can succeed from Day one.

  • We source from verified manufacturers, thus you don't need to waste time and money vetting and finding a reputable supplier or dealing with imports from China.

  • We are confident that you can make money with Amazon FBA - so much so, that we offer a buy back scheme  in case you decide it's not for you or change your mind. 

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